Peggy Owens, PT, MPH, MFR Therapist

I truly love my work as a physical therapist. I have 23 years combined experience in acute, subacute, outpatient, and home health settings. Additionally, with my Master's in Public Health in Health Administration, I managed physical therapy staff in a Sports Medicine Clinic for 2 years and in acute care hospital settings for 7 years.

I have always recognized the importance of continuing education through my attendance at a variety of seminars and courses. During my first seminar at the John F. Barnes approach to Myofascial Release a "quantum shift" occurred in my understanding of pain dysfunction and healing. Myofascial Release resonated with me deeply for 2 core reasons: 1. IT IS BODY KIND - it never forces; and, 2. IT IS HOLISTIC - completely individualized care. Since that initial seminar, I have passionately pursued the expansion of my skills and knowledge of myofascial release through advanced seminars and treatment. I feel that MFR is the "missing link" to getting patients to live a permanent pain free life. I discovered that through touch "you get a deeper connection where true healing takes place." To realize change I had to slow down and connect with the patient.

I have been intrigued with human movement and performance since 1981 when I began running and participating in triathlons in 1985. These sports have served as a barometer for my health and overall well-being. To run you must be centered; to compete in triathlons demands perseverance and being present. MFR has helped me with treating my own injuries, aches and pains. It has become an integral part of my life in myofascial self care stretching and being treated by another therapist on a regular basis. It has literally CHANGED THE WAY MY BODY FEELS ALL THE TIME.

Formal physical therapy school was the western left brain science part of my training. The "practice of myofascial release" developed and deepened my intuition. Success as a MFR therapist requires a depth of scientific understanding BALANCED by a keen sense intuition. It is all summarized by the following statement: Steeped in the Arts, Balanced by Science