Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?
Regarding attire, the more we can see and feel, the more efficient we can be. Treatment is performed on bare skin, so most patients simply wear their undergarment. If you are more comfortable, loose fitting gym shorts and a tank top are fine; however, it should be loose enough to maneuver the therapist's hands under it. Also, please refrain from applying body lotion on treatment day because the therapist will to be directly on skin without sliding.

Does it hurt?
The John F. Barnes method of myofascial release (MFR) is very gently and never forceful. The pressure applied is always within the patient's tolerance; keep in mind, even gentle pressure on a tight restriction can elicit therapeutic pain as the restriction releases. This is not true for all people. Some people experience short term soreness as the body accommodates change. Additionally, most people experience a reduction in symptoms, increased energy levels, and improved sleep patterns following treatment.

Is MFR similar to massage?​ No, MFR is not massage. With MFR, there are no creams, oils, or equipment. Just soft hands that connect with tightness in your body. Applying subtle pressure and waiting for the body to release in its OWN way and in its OWN time gives long-lasting results.

Do I need a prescription or a referral from my doctor?
In the state of Oklahoma, a physical therapist may do an initial evaluation on a patient and then a referral is required from your doctor. After the initial evaluation, you will need to contact your family physician for a physical therapy referral. Often it is all you need to do.

How often should I schedule a treatment?
Ultimately, you decide. We do not have a set, prescribed protocol because MFR results are authentic and long-lasting and everyone heals in their own way and time. After your initial evaluation our physical or occupational therapist will determine a plan of care regarding a recommend treatment frequency. In general, a minimum of 2-3 sessions per week is recommended especially for the first few weeks . Chronic cases may require multiple sessions per week. By treating the whole body and the cause of your symptoms, many people achieve their goals within a few weeks. Once your goals are accomplished, regular on-going treatment is not required.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?
Please click here for our current cancellation, and no show policies.

What if I am late to my appointment?
Your appointment starts and ends on time so please arrive a few minutes early. If you are late your appointment will still end at the scheduled time so that other appointments can be honored in a timely manner. 

Do you have any referral incentives?
Yes, many who have had wonderful results from MFR tell their loved ones and friends about it. If you have been here for treatment before and you refer 3 people in any 3 month period you get a FREE treatment!

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.  We also offer ​​​bonuses for purchasing several treatments at once​​​​​​!

Do you accept health insurance?
As of 12/1/18 we are not accepting any new insurance patients and will only be accepting cash pay and patients with Health Savings Accounts (some restrictions might apply).