The full package including the swing evaluation, six week conditioning program as well as access to Peggy fully customizable TPI website where you can follow your progress step by step is normally $699.00, but try it now for only $499.00.

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Once evaluated she will design a 6 week conditioning program tailored to strengthening the muscles that will provide you with more balance, enhance your swing, and ultimately improve your game.  By identifying these limitations and providing some easy exercises to eliminate these limitations, correction of the golf swing is now possible. In many cases, it’s not your swing, it’s your body! Fix your body, and you can fix your swing!

Titleist Performance Institute Certified - Peggy Owens, PT, MPH
Peggy Owens, physical therapist, has achieved the designation of becoming a Certified Titleist Performance Specialist. This comprehensive certification has allowed Peggy to hone in on your swing specifically and identify the key imbalances holding back your golf game. She can evaluate your swing and assess the areas that need to be focused on and improved. 
Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level!

Do you ever feel that you spend all your time at the range and never get results? Has your golf instructor ever said that "you are not making a good turn” or maybe "you are coming over the top" or "you are swaying or sliding"? Has physical pain caused you to limit or even quit playing the game you love? Have you tried all the golf remedies and swing corrector gimmicks out there with no success? Well maybe its time to approach the issue from a different angle.  

At Natural Balance Integrative Care we have identified the growing need for real answers to correcting swing imperfections, the physical pain many experience, and the limitations to your game that come along with it. The pain and limitations you experience in your swing come from muscle imbalances. These imbalances lead to postural misalignments, lack of flexibility, and limited range of motion severely limiting your golf swing and your handicap.  

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has developed a program to train Golf Professionals, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Medical Practitioners to understand the correlation between a golfer’s physical limitations and their swing flaws.