Once felt like she was wearing a straight jacket of pressure....but not anymore!

I went to Natural Balance after struggling with severe back pain for years.  After an L5-S1 360° Fusion, I had tried traditional physical therapy many times but it only seemed to make the pain worse.  I was stuck in a "straight jacket" of intense pressure and decreased mobility, which was getting worse with time and destroying my quality of life.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Peggy, the owner and lead PT at Natural Balance.  Her extensive knowledge of the myofascial system and finely-tuned ability to work with the body has been an incredible experience.  She has been able to gently release the multitude of myofascial restrictions that were causing me so much pain.

I can say from personal experience, MFR has been a LIFE CHANGER!  I have more mobility, less pain and a better quality of life than I ever thought possible.  Thank you Natural Balance, from a very satisfied patient!


Huge Relief From Pain!

I have been seeing Bryan and Peggy, the physical therapists at Natural Balance, for hip pain. I had been to other PTs and had no relief. They spend one on one time with you, do pain relieving manipulation and give you great exercises to do at home. I had huge relief from pain with sessions of MFR with Peggy. I'm happy I found a PT that listens and actually spends time with me to educate me on continuing my very active lifestyle.


More to Come Very Soon!!

Meet Jerrie, and listen to here to road to recovery from vertigo.

Meet Gary, and hear his experiences of healing and living a full life again after receiving MFR at Natural Balance. 
God's Operating Table

My Life, somewhat in the usual pattern, tends to "ebb and flow", probably in reflection of our original connection to the ocean or maybe from being surrounded in the womb by amniotic fluid. Anyway, in the Fall of 2013, early October to be exact, the flow broke like a dam around me after having quite a dry spell for over a year or so. In a moment of Divine Intervention, I would call it, as the autumn leaves played outside the door of Whole Foods Market, my eyes were drawn to the most recent copy of "Natural awakenings" magazine. Casually dropping it in my grocery bag, I proceeded to my car, completely unaware that one of my most life changing experiences was about to occur. I was flipping through the pages and, as fate would have it, my attention drifted onto an ad for JFB Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR). Somewhat intrigued, when I noticed the list of treatments included migraine headaches, a condition I have suffered with most of my life, I made a definite decision to call for an appointment. Even back pain and sciatica, which have become fairly recent developments, were advertised to be helped by MFR.

When I first walked in the door, I sensed the peace and serenity of the beautiful surroundings. There was such an air of healing and professionalism that permeated the atmosphere that I felt completely relaxed. Meeting with Peggy Owens, PT, MPH and MFR Therapist, for my consultation, gave me an assurance of confidence that I was in the hands of a skilled practitioner. She took the time to explain the method and to make sure I was comfortable with all procedures. Together, we set out a plan for my treatment and there was no pressure, as she was very supportive of all my decisions. I was amazed that even after the first few visits, I began to notice a difference in my back and shoulders where I had been experiencing pain. When Peggy first tested me I was not able to get very far in trying to touch my fingers to the floor. Before long though, I could actually reach the floor with my hand flat against it. She gave me instructions in exercises I could continue on my own and a ball to work with that relieved the pain in my neck area.

One of the most astonishing effects was the emotional releases that began to take place, which helped to lift the depression, lack of energy and listlessness I had been feeling. Life has begun to take on a new dimension, both physically and spiritually, and I eagerly look forward to becoming more active and involved in numerous interests I had put on hold. As part of the Natural Balance program, John Hanna, LMT and MFR Therapist, and Michael Henson, LMT, offer healing, relaxing yet energizing massages that have been great stress relievers. I even had to try out the Sunlighten Sauna, which utilizes infrared heat therapy and turned out to be another pleasant surprise. Its delightful setting I have dubbed the Meditation Room and I intend to spend more time there. Aromatherapy will be coming soon, I have heard, and that will be another beneficial addition I am sure. I plan to continue to take advantage of all of their holistic treatments, as heading into my 70s I am ready for what I would call "a complete overhaul". Hope to meet you soon in the waiting area...

A Very Satisfied Client

Bizarre accident left me with debilitating back pain…but not anymore!

After a bizarre sledding accident I was left with a lower back injury that never healed completely and eventually turned into nagging pain and discomfort. Ever since then my life had become more about managing my pain then enjoying the active lifestyle I was so accustomed to living. It seemed like I tried every pain modality out there unsuccessfully and had ultimately resorted to a strong pain medication and then I found Natural Balance Integrative Care. The therapists there were very understanding and compassionate. They explained the fascia to me, educated me on the importance of it and spent the time to make me feel comfortable. Treatments were always so therapeutic and relaxing, it was more like a time for me to just get away from the daily grind of life when I was there….so unlike other things I have tried in the past. The only difference is this stuff really works! The pain has diminished completely and has never come back! Thank-you!  

- D.E.

Back to Feeling my Age Again

In my search for relief of my chronic back pain I tried it all...doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and was given pain killers, anti-inflammatories, you name it. All with limited success, my pain just kept coming back.  I was 19 and living a life of pain and discomfort, sleeping way too much and not out enjoying my life.  Then I heard of myofascial release therapy at Natural Balance Integrative Care. After a few sessions my pain was reduced significantly and the best part was it wasn’t coming back! After being treated I was eventually shown ways to self-treat, improve my posture and stretch, and they helped educate me in different ways to keep this wonderful stuff called "fascia" happy and healthy. Now I am pain-free and feel more in control of how to stay that way!
Thanks NBIC!!


Recovered with MFR from Previous Surgical Trauma and a Difficult Delivery

 At 28 years of age, I certainly did not anticipate having persistent pelvic and lower back pain. But after several adolescent surgeries as well as having a difficult labor with my first child, I knew that I needed professional help. I decided to try Myofascial Release in January 2013. After two sessions, my constant hip and back pain was gone, and I was able to walk more fluidly. Peg Owens, who has additional training in female pelvic rehabilitation, used MFR to realign my pelvic area; however, I felt relief throughout my entire body. I am currently pregnant with my second child and MFR has given me relief from the pregnancy symptoms that tend to plague women. Instead, I've been at ease standing long hours during my university teaching position, enjoy practicing yoga and other forms of exercise, and sleep comfortably. What I love about Natural Balance's approach is that the clinicians go beyond offering a "quick fix," but rather strive for long-lasting full body wellness. I highly recommend Natural Balance!


 Immediate Relief

You are a great healer. Your expertise and knowledge has helped me to become well again. I was in such severe pain on my first visit to you, but after one treatment with you, my pain was reduced 50%. After my fourth visit, most of my pain was gone. This was back pain that I had lived with for 5 years. 

All the pain killers that I took could not provide the relief I enjoyed after one session with you. Moreover, your lovely personality made me feel comfortable and relaxed during the session. I utilize your recommendations daily for self-treatment. I am forever grateful to you and would like to thank you for your wonderful work that you have been doing with me.

- B.H.


Worth it!

​​My journey has been a very long history of pain matched by a long list of therapists. Feeling depressed and overwhelmed, I was ready to give up. But on the advice of friend I came to see Peggy for treatment. My chronic back pain was now about equal to my level of frustration. In addition, I felt overwhelmed for not knowing who to trust anymore. My life became limited in so many ways. And, although I had experienced some improvement with some of the well meaning therapists, it was very, very slow. So when I came to Peggy my back was still bothering me quite a bit.

Now, for the first time, I can say with a sigh of relief that the improvement I've experienced in just half a dozen sessions has been amazing. I breathe better, I sleep through the night, waking up with a new positive attitude as I gradually become more pain free. Getting more rest has allowed me greater freedom of movement and more energy and improved my attitude during the day. The change in my life is tremendous! It is not only because of the modality of myofascial release, but Peggy’s skilled application of it. She is truly a gem. I take a risk in writing this testimonial because if I had my way she’s be available only to me, but I need to share my joy and give the gift of being pain free to anyone else who suffers and feels alone. The new me has given myself permission to say~ I’m worth it!

- J.M.

From Fibromyalgia to Gardening Again!

When I first came to see Peggy in November 2010 I had been suffering for many years from muscle aches and pains which the doctor had diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Since seeing Peggy, I am able to sleep through the night, I have reduced my pain medication by 75% and am able to return to my gardening. I am a different person.....I would sleep all day and have no interest in anything other than to watch TV.  I was depressed.

I am now happy and have a positive outlook on life. Being only 32 years old, this was definitely life changing. I cannot believe that I had never heard of myofascial release in all the years of going through this pain and believe strongly that it should be medically recognized. I recommend Peggy highly.

- A.W.