Your First Visit

Please bring all completed paperwork that you downloaded from our "Forms" page on this website to your first visit. If you are unable to print out the forms then please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first appointment to complete the Intake forms and related paperwork while you are here. If you would like, we may take "before" and "after" pictures so that you can see your improvement. In that case, you will need to sign a release form. A postural assessment and evaluation will be done followed by a 45-60 minute hands-on treatment. We will also discuss your reason for seeking treatment, your goals and a individualized treatment plan for you.

During Your First Treatment

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a whole body therapy. Your areas of pain and tension will be treated along with other areas related to your symptoms. The treatment is completely unique to you.  As one area is being treated you may feel sensations in another area of your body. This is normal.  To aid in relaxation of your mind and body you will be guided into basic deep breathing. This, too, allows the treatment to be more effective. Additionally, the treatment will be much more effective if both of you and the therapist are silent during the treatment; this keeps us both centered. At each visit we will discuss what you are feeling and results of prior treatment. We will progress to self-treatment techniques and stretches to do at home, as needed.

After Treatment

For several days after the treatment, your body is going through profound changes as the release process continues. Often "good pain" is felt during the treatment, this pain, called "therapeutic pain" is part of the healing process. It may be felt days after the treatment as the body adapts to the structural changes taking place. On the other hand, you may feel soreness or a "flare-up" of symptoms followed by remarkable improvement. You are releasing trapped toxins during each treatment; therefore, increasing your water intake is recommended to help "flush" toxins from your body. Progress is rarely a straight line. Expect some ups and downs as your body and the fascia returns to its proper state.  As you heal, your body will eventually recognize these new releases in the tissue as normal. With time, expect better movement, more strength, flexibility, improved posture and greater vitality.